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Gilbert Match Pro Touch Rugby Ball

Size Guide
Rugby Balls Size Guide
Ball Size Rugby Level / Recommended Use Player Age
Size 5 Standard Playing Size Ages 15+
Size 4 Middle-School, Pre-Teen Players Ages 10-14
Size 3 Youth Players, Starter Rugby Ages 6-9
Mini Souvenir Ball, Stocking Stuffer, Toy All Ages
Giant/Hero Novelty Ball, Recreation All Ages
Ball Size
The Gilbert Match Pro Touch rugby ball is ideal for team warm-ups, summer touch rugby and tag rugby. The Match Pro Touch rugby ball is slightly larger than a size 4 ball for allow for the quickest possible handling in professional touch matches.
  • Touch Pro Grip
  • 3 Ply poly-cotton and cotton laminate
  • Durable rubber surface
  • Hand Stitched
  • Excellent quality ball for touch rugby