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Store Setup

Setting up a standard Team Store with Rugby Imports is free!

Your complimentary store features one logo design in two variations for both light and dark items. We stock products from top brands like Gilbert, CCC, Barbarian, Under Armour, and our own line.

*For stores needing multiple logos, special products, or other customizations, additional fees might apply

The steps to set up a Team Store are as follows:

  1. Read our FAQ page
  2. Have your logo ready - jump to the "Artwork & Logos" section of the FAQ for more details
  3. Complete the Team Store Request Form
  4. Discuss requirements with our Team Store rep
  5. Approve terms and artwork
  6. Share your store far and wide when it goes live!

*Please note...At this time we cannot set up team stores for organizations outside of the United States.

All day, every day! Most products are available year-round with no minimum order quantities.

Additionally, select Made-to-Order (MTO) items can be made available temporarily, usually for 3 week pre-order periods to meet production minimums. Contact your team sales rep to learn more about MTO pre-order options.

After all approvals, stores usually launch in 1-3 weeks.

However, special requests, artwork changes, or setups during peak times might extend this duration.

Rugby Imports takes care of the setup, order fulfillment, and maintenance for all team stores.

Your role? Help us spread the word on social media, through emails, and in chats. This is especially important for MTO Pre-Order products where we'll need your help rallying the troops to meet minimum order quantities.

Product Selection

We provide a core range of authentic rugby gear, apparel, and accessories carefully selected based on quality and popularity. We'll match your club's colors and logos to our offerings to provide a wide-ranging product menu for your members and their fans.

Rugby Imports determines the product selection for each store.

If you have specific requests in mind, please discuss with your team store representative before the store creation or at our annual update. We'll do our best to meet your needs on a case-by-case basis.

Artwork & Logos

If your logo is school-trademarked, it can't be used in an online team store.

In this case, either:

  1. Reach out to our team sales department to explore bulk order options.
  2. Submit a non-trademarked logo. Need assistance? Our design team is here to help!

Submit your team logo via the team store request form, preferably as vector art in PDF, AI, or EPS format.

No vector logo? No problem, send the highest resolution you've got, and our design team will handle the conversion.

Generally, one logo design is included per store. This includes two variations for both light and dark versions, plus slight modifications to accommodate certain product placements or decoration types.

Additional logos or lettering may be requested as paid upgrades through your team store rep.

Our stores primarily use the following decoration methods:

  • Embroidery: This technique stitches designs onto fabric, offering a durable and premium finish.
  • Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing: Designs are directly printed onto textiles using specialized inkjet technology. It allows for high detail and color variation.
  • Sublimation Printing: Often used for select on-demand and MTO Pre-Order items, this method uses heat to transfer designs, resulting in vivid and durable prints.

For our team store line, the decoration method is predetermined by the product. If you're eyeing more personalized options, think about placing a bulk order.

Fulfillment & Returns

The production and shipping duration varies based on the items ordered. Multi-item orders often ship in separate packages across several days.

Standard Handling Estimates:

  • Embroidered Products: 2-3 weeks
  • Printed Products: 5-10 days
  • Made-to-Order Products: Check the respective product page.

Orders with multiple Team Store items might come from different locations and require varied production times, leading to deliveries over several days.

Always review product detail pages for specific timeframes. You'll receive tracking info for each shipment.

Orders containing a mix of printed, embroidered, and Made-to-Order items often ship from various locations at different times, leading to increased shipping costs. Rest assured, we always strive to keep shipping as cost-effective as possible.

Unfortunately, Team Store items are made on demand, so we can't offer exchanges or refunds.

However, if there's an error or defect, reach out to our customer service department for authorization to return.

Fundraising & More

Absolutely! Teams have the option to earn 5-10% of their Team Store sales.Work with our team store specialist during set up or annual update to enable commission for your organization.

For an extra boost, certain Made-to-Order items can include a fixed fundraising amount in their price. For more details, reach out to a team sales representative.

Does your organization feature multiple teams or groups? We can create dedicated sections in your store, such as Premier Team, High School, Men's and Women's, or even a "Player Section".

To make this happen:

  • Raise your request prior to approving store creation
  • Alternatively, mention it during our annual update period

Consider bulk buys when:

  • Uniform consistency across the team is a priority.
  • Ordering bespoke items with extended production times.
  • You need custom products with multiple logos, designs, or individual names/numbers.
  • You're aiming for quantity discounts and reduced overall shipping costs.

While we provide some custom Made-to-Order items in our team stores, our Team Sales department can help you weigh the benefits and guide your decision.