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Gilbert Control-A-Rugby Ball Passing System Set

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Developed in collaboration with renowned skills/contact coach Richie Gray, the Gilbert Control-A Ball Passing Set is meticulously crafted for players seeking to enhance their awareness and skill level. By introducing variable conditions into training, this set challenges and refines a player's reaction and adaptability on the field.

Set Components:

  • The Match Ball: Standard weight and grip pattern consistent with the traditional Gilbert Match Ball.
  • The Heavy Ball: Weighing approximately 650g, this ball demands players to adjust their technique for catching and passing.
  • The Light Ball: With a weight of only 300g, it encourages swift reflexes and adaptability.
  • The Gripless Ball: Lacking a grip pattern, this ball introduces an additional challenge, especially under wet conditions.
  • The Unstable Ball: Weighs 400 grams and can be filled with up to 280 grams of water, introducing unpredictability in its movement. The set includes a pump for filling the inner bladder.


Available in sizes 4 or 5, the Control-A-Balls are tailored for comprehensive skill development. Note: Balls arrive deflated and require inflation to 9-10psi for optimal performance. Instructions for preparing the unstable ball are provided.

Unstable Ball Preparation Guide:

  1. Inflate the ball to the recommended pressure.
  2. Position the ball over a sink. Using the provided pump, unscrew the handle end to pour water into it.
  3. Swiftly add water into the pump, reattach the handle, and insert the needle into the ball valve.
  4. Press the handle to transfer water into the bladder. Repeat until approximately 280 grams of water is added (around 3 pumps).

Tip: Avoid overfilling the ball. Excess water can be removed by inserting the inflation needle into the valve and gently squeezing the ball over a sink.

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