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Gilbert Virtuo Dual Density Mouthguard

Gilbert's Virtuo Dual Density Mouthguard is designed to reduce the force of impacts to the jaw joint offering protection to the teeth. The softer inner layer molds easily to the shape of the teeth without reducing the wall thickness of the harder outer layer.
  • Pre-Contoured Shield. Reduces material shrinkage. Provides maximum protection with upper palate support for easier breathing
  • Extra Wall Thickness. Absorbs impact, reducing the effect of shock on the more vulnerable front teeth
  • Dual Density. Multi-layer construction absorbs lower jaw shock, reducing trauma to skull.
  • Boil & Bite. Boil & Bite guard, which gives fit and feel of a custom-made guard.


Rugby Reviews

Reviews From Rugby Imports Valued Customers

449 reviews

Rugby balls arrived neatly and promptly.
Thank you very much!

It was a gift

Tell you later but i loved it I have one I wear so I bought another as a gift

Top Quality, Made to Last!

Fantastic! Took me to the games and same weight and feel of the original shirts I played in from 1983-1997 Top Quality - Made ti Last!

My brother loves it!

My brother has had this on his wish l st for some time. He really likes it!

The best mouthguard on the planet

I've used these for rugby, MMA, wrestling, boxing, etc, etc. They stay in your mouth and allow for easy breathing, talking, drinking, with plenty of protection and durability - I'd never go back to the old style. The best part? I've accidentally washed and dried these multiple times and they are re-moldable over and over.