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Rugby Tackle Mat

Revolutionize your contact training sessions with the Rugby Imports Tackle Mat. This tackle landing foam mat is 6.5’ x 6.5’ x 6” and folds to 6.5’ x 3.25’ x 12” plus two handles for easier transportation and storage. The heavy-duty PVC strengthens the mat to survive continuous impact inside and out.

  • Dimensions: 6.5ft L x 6.5ft W x6in 
  • Rugby Imports logo printed on top
  • Folds for easier transport and storage

Please note, this is a special order product only. If you are interested in this product, please call (800) 431-4514, email teamsales@rugbyimports.com, or fill out the contact form below

Customer Reviews

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John Dacey, Fort Hunt Rugby (Falls Church, US)
Large Tackle Mat

This is a very good piece of kit for new/novice players being introduced to tackling fundamentals. It is a good replacement for tackle suits.
This is a large piece of equipment, requiring a large SUV, pickup, or step van for transport. It only folds in half once and cannot be further subdivided or folded. It is not that heavy, with one person able to carry it. It comes with dual carrying handles.
Some needed improvements: this item needs carrying handles on all four sides, as the ideal carry is two people so it's not dragged. It also needs some type of fastening closure on the open end, velcro or snaps, something that keeps the two folded halves together for ease of transport/carry.