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Gilbert Falcon 200 Rugby Scrum Cap

Neon Pink

The Falcon 200 Headguard is an outstanding value for money rugby scrum cap, utilizing many high-end features for great flexibility, fit, and performance on the field. Protect yourself from hard hits and abrasions while maximizing performance on the field. 

  • Molded foam configuration provides a flexible fit for all head shapes and sizes
  • Ear vents allow for improved player communication
  • Enables an adjustable fit for optimum comfort and secure fit
  • A head guard meant for all levels from youth to international

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Jake Herman (Philadelphia, US)
    Amazing scrum cap

    It is an amazing scrum cap the second one I bought from you guys it’s the best one I’ve had

    Charlie W. (Eugene, US)
    Love my new scrumcap!

    My primary reason for purchasing the scrum cap was to keep my long hair in check better than hair ties. This scrum cap served that purpose perfectly.

    Beyond that, I like the adjustability of the chin strap and the ties in the back, so I was able to dial in the fit just right. I also liked the holes around the ears - I didn't have any issues hearing my teammates. Finally, I didn't have any issues feeling overheated - the material and small gaps in the cap felt breathable.

    5/5 am going to wear it again in my next game.

    Gustavo Mendez (Union City, US)
    Looks and feels great.

    I love the feel and over all build to it. And it also seems to fit snugly comfortable too. Althought I haven't had the chance to use it in competition so far, so I can't necessary give it a complete 5 star just yet.

    Cheryl Saenz (La Jolla, US)
    Great scrum cap!

    My son plays hooker on his college rugby team and says this is the first scrum cap that didn’t make him feel all sweaty inside. He also said he could hear his teammates.
    A huge gain!