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Rugby Imports Short Tackle Bag

The smaller version of our standard Tackle Bag, the Short Tackle Bag can be used by youth players, smaller players, or when required for travel, dynamic drills, or strength and conditioning. The short height of this bag is also a great way to encourage a low hit even with large players. Improve your players' tackling and contact ability without risking injury. Tackle dummies are a great way to introduce the contact element to beginning players, or use as a perfect addition to fitness circuits. 
  • 38.5" tall, 13" diameter
  • 20lbs
  • White Rugby Imports logo printed on side
  • Handles for easier holding during drills and transport 
Please Note:  Due to the oversized nature of this product, the calculated shipping for an order with this item will be an estimate only. A final freight cost will be provided within one business day by a Rugby Imports associate via email. An additional payment may be required pending your authorization.