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Traditional Cotton Rugby Shorts

Get a pair of these before it's too late! These old school rugby shorts are made to last! A pair of these 100% Cotton, tough as nails rugby shorts will get you through countless seasons of training and games. Original styling, traditional rugby!
  • 100% Cotton
  • Button fly, tie waist
  • Reinforced seams
  • Traditional length
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • While supplies last! Sorry - no refunds or returns on these shorts due to extreme clearance pricing

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
S.S. (Laurel, US)
Bring Back MORE

These are the rugby shorts we NEED! All the new versions without pockets are terrible! Bring these back.in.sizes we can fit into so we can have pockets to fit out wallets for happy hour after practice! You also get an extra pocket for your mouth guard! Bring back the traditional rugby garb before they started making all the gear look like trash soccer player uniforms!!!

Lisel Couture (Quincy, US)
Good quality but super small

Echoing some of the other reviews these are not adult sizes - size small fits my six year old skinny leg son.

Lawrence Denis Freitas (San Francisco, US)
Wish Halbro still made these.

I bought three pairs of these Halbro shorts seven years ago, two white, one navy, and ordered a few inches over my waist size, 36 inches, instead of 32 or 33, because I knew they'd shrink a bit. Also, they had a good length, a 4 1/4" inch inseam that shrank to about 3 3/4". I used them to referee many a game and love them, and they are just starting to show some wear and tear, as I rotated them so that I never wore the same pair more than four times per season. They just look great and can easily double as tennis shorts. These are the old style British shorts with the tab closure. There is only one firm still making them, but they have a 3" inseam that is just a bit too short for my taste and would obviously shrink down to 2 1/2". So, I would love it if that firm made them a bit longer, or if Halbro would start making them again, or one of the other casual old style rugby shirt makers. If they even had a longer inseams, like seven inches, they'd be great to wear for casual wear, and would be very throwback, because longer inseams on rugby shorts were normal up to about 1960. I've included a photo of two rugby players on Major Stanley's XV, and the blonde, Jack Gregory, has those longer style British shorts.

Abigail Foytlin
ALWAYS read sizing

I had noticed this amazing deal and had initially purchased two pairs of shorts. I did order them smaller because I assumed that they were either men's or unisex shorts. These shorts are absolutely tiny, and I mean infant size. I kept them and passed them on to the family because the restock and shipping fee is not worth it considering the shorts were under five dollars with shipping. The quality was great and I'm sure they will hold up to a lot of wear and tear as rugby shorts do, but even going back on the site there was not enough information to disclose whether the shorts were men's, women's, or children's that I noticed or that was obvious. They're great but I still have no shorts for the season.

John (Hayward, US)
Cotton rugby shorts

These were so small!!! Bought a group order for my friends and even the biggest ones didn't fit anyone