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US Rugby Player Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt

This long sleeve raglan is an American rugby original, celebrating RI's long history as the USA's original rugby supplier. Add this shirt to your list of four-season favorites that can be worn from the sidelines to the streets.
  • US "A" Player logo printed across front chest
  • Blank on back
  • Long-sleeve raglan style t-shirt
  • Super soft 50/50 poly cotton in White/Navy
  • Men's sizing


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I liked the shirt

I really enjoy wearing that rugby

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Best hoody ever.

Concerning the quality and the fit and style it's the best hoodie I've ever owned. That is saying a lot because I was an event promoter and made and designed many hoodies and t-shirts for many years. My fiance who lives in Cape Town South Africa loves the hoodie and the fact that I put her name on the back of it. We stayed on the phone together and watched the live broadcast of the championship between South Africa and England. So I ordered the hoodie from you guys as a souvenir of the event and for her not knowing what I was going to get I was pleasantly surprised it is already my favorite thing to wear.