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Gilbert Scotland Rugby Match XV Ball

Play with the same ball chosen for internationals tests and Rugby World Cup matches. This Scotland MATCH XV Gilbert ball is ready for play at the highest level. 
  • Copolymer 'Air-loc' bladder - Copolymer bladder, for improved air retention and enhanced energy transfer.
  • Multi-Matrix 3D grip - Star shape, dual height pimples maximize hand contact with the ball and provide ultimate passing and catching control while maintaining kicking distance and accuracy. Performs in all conditions.
  • Ellipse Truflight valve - The unique valve shape redistributes weight along the seams of the ball, to improve rotational stability, resulting in greater accuracy.
  • Reaction laminate construction - High-quality internal laminations ensure optimal energy transfer between boot and ball to improve strike consistency.
  • G-XV rubber compound surface.
  • Hand stitched - all balls are stitched by hand in the Gilbert factory.
  • Pre kicked - Kicking machines strike the ball repeatedly to remove residual stress. Ready for match play from the first kick.