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England Traditional Rugby Jersey

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Celebrate English Rugby's proud tradition of excellence with our vintage England Rugby Jersey! This classic, play-grade shirt pays homage to England's rich rugby heritage, blending tradition with quality to create a piece every modern player and fan will appreciate.

Features include:

  • Traditional Design: The shirt showcases a solid white base, contrasted with a navy collar with red underside. This design captures the quintessential English rugby aesthetic.

  • Embroidered English Rose Logo: Proudly embroidered on the left chest, the traditional English rose logo adds an iconic touch.

  • Play-Grade Cotton: Crafted from 100% play-grade cotton, this jersey is designed to endure, just like the spirit of the game itself. It's a shirt built to last a lifetime.

  • Made in North America: Ensuring the highest standards of quality, our England Traditional Rugby Jersey is proudly made in North America.

  • Match-Quality Fabric: The shirt's 100% cotton fabric is of match-quality, reflecting our commitment to excellence, both on and off the field.

Don our England Traditional Rugby Jersey and embrace the classic appeal of English rugby. Whether on the field, cheering from the stands, or showing your RFU pride around town, this shirt encapsulates the enduring spirit of the game.